How to remove drm from epub in adobe digital editions

Adobe digital editions is an ebook management software that can help us read, manage and transfer Adobe epub/pdf ebooks. It is a professional software. Usually, we need Adobe Digital Editions to read books we bought from other online sites.

However, it will be hard for us to read books on other devices or computers after we downloaded them from Adobe Digital Editions because of the Adobe DRM Protection.

Need to remove drm from EPUB in adobe digital editions? Adobe DRM will prevent us to enjoying the books we bought on other computers, there are 3 steps to teach you removing Adobe DRM protection.

Step 1: Check whether your ebooks have drm or not.

First, if your ebooks are protected by DRM, they are not able to be read on other computers. When you use Adobe Reader to read the books on other devices or use other programs to open them, you will meet the error prompt.

adobe drm removal

Because books with DRM can not be read nor converted. If you want to convert EPUB to PDF or other format like MOBI, WORD, you also need to remove drm first.

Step 2: Check if your books can be read normally.

Before you prepare to remove ebooks’ DRM, you need to make sure that your books can be used normally.

1. First of all, make sure you have installed Adobe digital Editions 2.0. After installation, use your Adobe ID to authorize the computer.

Windows Version
Mac OS Version

2. Download the book using Adobe Digital editions to remove DRM.

NOTE: you can only re-download the book but not copy them from another place. Otherwise, you will fail in converting.

Step 3: Remove DRM from Adobe EPUB and Adobe PDF

The two steps above have done, you can then start the DRM conversion process.

1. Click here to download Ebook DRM Removal.


2. Click “Open Files” button on the top region to select your Adobe EPUB or Adobe PDF files which need to be converted. You can add multiple files one time.

3. You can also find files by clicking ”Find Files” button if you are not sure where they are. It will find books in the computer automatically.

4. Click on “Start” button to start. All the DRM will be removed clearly within several mins.

5. The DRM removed books will be put into “Output Folder” directory. Click the “View” button on the upper left corner to check the new created books.

Adobe Digital Editions ebooks default path:

Windows XP: My Documents\My Digital Editions
Windows Visita/Win 7: Documents\My Digital Editions
Mac OS X: Users/Digital Editions


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