How to remove drm from epub in adobe digital editions

Adobe digital editions is an ebook management software that can help us read, manage and transfer Adobe epub/pdf ebooks. It is a professional software. Usually, we need Adobe Digital Editions to read books we bought from other online sites.

However, it will be hard for us to read books on other devices or computers after we downloaded them from Adobe Digital Editions because of the Adobe DRM Protection.

Need to remove drm from EPUB in adobe digital editions? Adobe DRM will prevent us to enjoying the books we bought on other computers, there are 3 steps to teach you removing Adobe DRM protection.

Step 1: Check whether your ebooks have drm or not.

First, if your ebooks are protected by DRM, they are not able to be read on other computers. When you use Adobe Reader to read the books on other devices or use other programs to open them, you will meet the error prompt.

adobe drm removal

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